Hello, I’m Jackie Park-Burris, a member of the Homer Park beekeeping family.  I’ve been producing queen bees and nucs all of my life, coming together with my family — Steve & Sharon Park, Shannon & Glenda Wooten, Pat & Bonnie Stayer, and now Daren & Alissa Wooters — to produce Park Italian Queens each spring and marketing them under the Wooten’s Golden Queens label.

In 2012, I decided to market my own queens under the Jackie Park-Burris Queens label, though I continue to come together with my family in mutual cooperation to ensure that our collective loyal queen customers’ needs are met.

My 2017 Price List is as follows:

10-24 Queens – $32.00 each

25-49 Queens – $30.00 each

50 or More Queens – $25.00 each

Shipping and handling charges are extra.  Minimum order of 10 queens is required.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

 Jackie Park-Burris Queens.  All Rights Reserved.

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